July 20, 2018

Dear Hartland School Families,

After a seemingly endless winter and cool spring, these glorious days of summer are a delight. I hope you and your families are enjoying time together and the great outdoors! The building has been busy with lots of projects including new clocks so Hartland School will actually run on real time, new screens in some windows, and blinds in several classrooms, and a new boiler… not to mention, the new roof for the west (primary) wing. One classroom at a time, the summer work crew is making the building shine! With declining numbers in the middle school and increasing enrollment in preschool, a few classrooms are moving, adding to the work of our summer crew and many teachers. The office is getting all the paperwork ready for a brand new school year. The revisions to our website made it more helpful to families including the many forms etc. which are posted at www.hartlandschool.com:

  • Menu, forms and procedures for hot lunch (Please note that if you want to purchase lunch for the first week of school that the order needs to be in to the office no later than August 20th.)

  • Health forms

  • 2018-2019 school calendar

  • Bus schedules (posted mid-August)

The updated Student and Family Handbook as well as contact information forms will be sent home the first day of school. Please read these carefully as there are some important changes.

Thank you to the 45 families who were able to participate in the survey regarding the climate in our school and on the busses. That is down from the 61 families who participated last year. 77% of parents report that their child likes to come to school each day most or all of the time, down slightly. 82% of families, down from 93%, feel that the students at school are friendly. 84%, down from 89%, feel their children are treated fairly by adults. And 84%, the same as last year, feel there are trusted adults their children can go talk to.  As always, we want to improve the climate of the school so that all kids feel a sense of belonging at school, safe and successful. The percentage of families who reported that their child’s experience on the bus is positive all or most of the time is 76%, also the same as last year with several appreciative comments about the bus drivers. We will continue to work closely with the bus company to identify opportunities to improve students’ experiences on the bus. Thank you very much for your input. Your comments have also shown us areas for improvement. One area is that only 60% of families feel comfortable airing concerns with the school. It is of the utmost importance that all families feel respected and heard when they raise concerns about their children’s experience in school. This will be a primary area of focus this year.

We are entering the second year of our theme; as Hartland’s P.R.I.D.E. and Joy we demonstrate perseverance, respect, innovation, diligence and effort. Last school year we focussed on recognizing these characteristics of a growth mindset that we all aspire to in our daily work at school. This year we will build our comfort with working in the ‘Growth Zone’, not the panic zone, but also not the comfort zone. Recognizing and embracing just the right level of challenge and rigor helps students overcome obstacles and persist through new learning. We continue to have the universal, high leverage Student Learning Objective to have students demonstrate independence in reading, viewing, and listening to complex texts and tasks. For us, the ‘Growth Zone’ awareness is part of building that independence and the strategies for breaking down complex tasks. We will also focus on expecting students to maintain and apply learning from previous years specifically in the areas of grammar, spelling and conventions in language arts, and careful accurate modelling and fact fluency in math.

Please make sure that you are reading lots of great books and magazines every day. Get a time in on math practice, too, so you don’t get rusty! Information about the Governor's Reading and Math challenges was sent home at the end of the year and is on our website including how to get free tickets to the Yardgoats!! Most of all, enjoy fresh air, family and friends! In a few weeks it will be time to start shifting your sleep schedule to school hours! I can’t wait to greet each Hartland student on August 29th! The teachers and staff all join me in an enthusiastic welcome to a bright and promising new school year as we celebrate the students, Hartland’s P.R.I.D.E. and Joy.

Warm regards! Can’t wait to see everybody!

Ms. Hollingsworth