Communications from Superintendent, Mrs. Imma Canelli

Reopening Information June 25, 2020

Update #1

Update #2

Update # 3

Update #4


Hartland School's Reopening Plan At A Glance

Hartland School's Reopening Plan

Updated School Calendar

Parent/ Guardian Letter from Mrs.Hille

State's School Reopening Requirements and Guidelines

On Monday, June 29, the State released its requirements and guidelines (See link above.) for the reopening of schools for the 2020-21 academic year. Our local plan which will be submitted to the State on July 24 is being developed.    

Addendum 1- Temporarily Opting into Voluntary Remote Learning Due to COVID-19

Addendum 2- COVID Guidance and Considerations for Preschool Located in Public Schools

Addendum 3-Fall Reopening Resource Document for Students with High Needs

Addendum 4- Interim Guidance for Decision-Making Regarding the Use of In-Person, Hybrid (Blended), or Remote Learning Models in Connecticut Schools during COVID-19