History of Hartland School’s Climate & Safety Committee

Hartland School has benefited from a long standing relationship with the Capital Area Substance Abuse Council (CASAC). In fact, this committee, as our Local Prevention Council, oversees the use of an annual grant from CASAC. This grant has funded the D.A.R.E. program in sixth grade, middle school dances, Hoops for Heart and many other events that promote positive social engagement and healthy life choices.

In 2011, the Safe School Climate legislation was passed and the committee took on the role of providing broad stakeholder input to our Safe School Climate Plan. Please see the minutes of committee meetings for our goals and progress in this area.

The committee also helps to review and update our Wellness Policy, which is posted here. Committee membership now includes teachers, the school nurse, an administrator, mental health professionals, first responders, law enforcement, and community leaders. Integrating all aspects of health and wellness at Hartland School, this committee serves many important purposes.