Enduring Understanding

Students will understand that literacy is a gateway to knowledge of self, others, the world and opportunity.


  • Uses strategies to solve unknown words
  • Reads sight words automatically
  • Applies comprehension strategies
  • Reads with fluency
  • Reads and responds with understanding through discussion and in writing
  • Makes appropriate book choices for independent reading 

Focus Areas & Objectives

Building Good Habits

Uses strategies to read “just-right books” with accuracy, fluency and comprehension

Decoding Strategies

Uses decoding strategies to increase fluency and comprehension

Comprehension Strategies

Questions to infer and synthesize deeper understanding of text

Character Study

Makes connections and uses evidence from text to identify character traits 

Non-Fiction Study

Uses text features to make predictions to locate and understand new ideas

Author Study

Identifies topics, themes and the author’s style in order to predict and infer

Series Books

Notices recurring themes and issues found in texts to contrast and compare and respond to ideas

Making Plans for a Reading Life

Reflects on skills that good readers use and sets goals for independent reading

Enduring Understanding

Students will recognize that writing is a vehicle for enjoyment, self-expression and social interaction.


  • Generates and organizes ideas
  • Uses support and elaboration
  • Revises work to accurately convey thoughts and ideas
  • Edits written work using appropriate capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar

Focus Areas & Objectives

Writers Build Good Habits

Uses the writer’s workshop to generate topics and write independently

Authors as Mentors

Uses specific craft strategies to develop detailed and organized text

Realistic Fiction

Understands the structure of the genre and applies this to craft a fluent and detailed piece


Identifies and uses revision strategies to improve writing

Writing about Research

Reviews and applies craft strategies to craft an “All About” text


Uses structure to write poems that highlight a moment or feeling

Book Reviews

Uses strategies from the genre to inform an audience about a favorite book

Independent Writing Projects

Chooses a topic and genre of interest and applies strategies and skills to craft an independent piece

Enduring Understanding

Students will recognize that an understanding of mathematical principles and processes will enable them to analyze and solve problems systematically and efficiently.


  • Uses mental and written strategies to compute with accuracy and efficiency
  • Communicates mathematical thinking through written and oral language
  • Displays, analyzes, compares and interprets information to solve problems

Focus Areas & Objectives

Algebraic Reasoning

  • Recognizes, describes, analyzes and extends patterns that repeat or grow and uses numbers to record the elements in those patterns
  • Uses objects, pictures or symbols to model situations that involve addition, subtraction, multiplication or division

Numerical & Proportional Reasoning

  • Skip counts from a given amount, e.g., 17, 27, 37, etc.
  • Reads, writes, orders and compares numbers to 1,000
  • Adds and subtracts two and three-digit numbers
  • Counts, compares and trades sets of pennies, dimes and dollars up to $10.00

Geometry & Measurement

  • Recognizes and makes slides, flips, turns and explores symmetry
  • Solves problems telling time using an analog or digital clock
  • Uses rulers, thermometers and a balance scale

Working with Data

  • Constructs tally charts and picture and bar graphs to organize data
  • Analyzes and draws conclusions from data

Enduring Understanding

Students will appreciate that through knowledge of science concepts and the use of observation, questioning and analysis, they will achieve an understanding and appreciation of the world and their role as innovators and stewards of the Earth.


  • Demonstrates an understanding of vocabulary and concepts
  • Observes, predicts and draws reasonable conclusions
  • Participates in activities and class discussions                              

Focus Areas & Objectives

Properties of Matter

  • Describe differences in the physical properties of solids and liquids.

The Changing Earth

  • Sort different soils by properties, such as particle size, color and composition.
  • Relate the properties of different soils to their capacity to retain water and support the growth of certain plants.

Science & Technology in Society

  • Identify the sources of common foods and classify them by their basic food groups.
  • Describe how people in different cultures use different food sources to meet their nutritional needs.

Enduring Understanding

Students will appreciate that by understanding others and the world around them, they will be prepared to enjoy the rights and assume the responsibilities as citizens of a global society.


  • Demonstrates an understanding of vocabulary and concepts
  • Participates in activities and class discussions 

Focus Areas & Objectives

Content Knowledge

  • Explains the significance of historical figures
  • Explains the significance of local historical sites
  • Investigates personal family heritage
  • Compares and contrasts manmade and physical characteristics of the town
  • Identifies the town and neighborhood on a state map
  • Explains how weather and climate affect people and their lives
  • Compares and contrasts the differences among rural, suburban and urban areas and explains why people move from one to the other
  • Explains how rules and laws help to establish order and ensure safety in a Town
  • Experiences the democratic process through personal participation
  • Identify the resources needed to fulfill needs and wants
  • Compare and contrast consumers and producers
  • Identify social institutions and their contributions to the community

History/Social Studies Literacy Skills

  • Gathers information through use of print and electronic media with teacher assistance
  • Identifies and explains symbols on maps and globes
  • Presents information and answers questions about social studies topics


  • Explains why there might be different points of view of an event
  • Identifies a current issue or event and participates in helping to address the issue

Enduring Understanding

Students will demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation for the importance of art as a means for enjoyment and self expression. 


  • Demonstrates an understanding of basic art concepts and techniques
  • Uses art media and tools in a safe, responsible manner

Focus Areas & Objectives


  • Differentiates between a variety of media, techniques and processes
  • Uses different media, techniques and processes to communicate ideas, feelings, experiences and stories

Elements & Principles

  • Uses the elements of art and principles of design to communicate ideas


  • Selects and uses subject matter, symbols and ideas to communicate meaning

History & Culture

  • Recognizes that the visual arts have a history and a variety of cultural purposes and meanings


  • Demonstrates an understanding of how the visual arts are used in the world Recognizes that works of visual art are produced by artists and artisans

Enduring Understanding

Students will understand that music is an avenue for social interaction, self-expression and enjoyment.


  • Creates music appropriate for grade level
  • Performs music appropriate for grade level
  • Responds to music appropriate for grade level
  • Notates music appropriate for grade level

Focus Areas & Objectives

Vocal & Instrumental

  • Sings independently, on pitch and in rhythm, with appropriate timbre, diction and posture and maintains a steady tempo
  • Sings ostinatos, partner songs and rounds
  • Sings in groups, blending vocal timbres, matching dynamic levels and responds to the cues of a conductor

Improvisation & Composition

  • Improvises simple rhythmic and melodic ostinato accompaniments
  • Improvises simple rhythmic variations and simple melodic embellishments of familiar melodies

Reading & Notation

  • Uses a system to read simple pitch notation in the treble clef in major keys
  • Uses standard symbols to notate meter, rhythm, pitch and dynamics in simple patterns presented by the teacher

Responding to Music

  • Identifies simple music forms when presented aurally
  • Identifies the sounds of a variety of instruments, children’s and adult voices
  • Responds through purposeful movement in daily experiences and describes characteristics or to specific music events while listening to music

Enduring Understanding

Students will develop an appreciation of technological resources and the printed word as sources of information.


  • Employs strategies to locate and evaluate information

Focus Area & Objectives


  • Defines information needs
  • Identifies a course of action to conduct research and solve problems
  • Locates and evaluates information from a variety of sources

Enduring Understanding

Students will recognize the importance of physical activity in providing opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction.


  • Applies movement correctly
  • Negotiates space with objects and others
  • Demonstrates appropriate fitness levels

Focus Areas & Objectives

Physical Activity

  • Demonstrates developmentally mature form in the locomotor, nonlocomotor and selected manipulative skills to participate in appropriate play and fitness activities
  • Acquires basic skills for participation in activities and games

Human Movement

  • Recognizes and applies concepts of body space and movement concepts in developing movement sequences and game strategies


  • Participates in fitness related activities necessary for a healthy lifestyle

Responsible Behavior & Respect for Differences

  • Follows classroom rules, activity-specific rules, safety practices, procedures, etiquette and good sportsmanship in the physical activity setting
  • Works cooperatively and productively with partners or in small groups

Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Understands that practicing activities increases skill competence

Enduring Understanding

Students will develop an awareness of healthy choices and the positive impact of these choices on their health and well-being.


  • Demonstrates a knowledge of the factors that constitute positive choices in health, nutrition, disease prevention and decision making

Focus Areas & Objectives

Health & Nutrition

  • Discusses what makes foods nutritious based on U.S. dietary guidelines
  • Engages in daily physical activity

Injury & Disease Prevention

  • Knows and demonstrates ways to stay safe
  • Identifies resources in the home, school and community to get help if needed
  • Identifies ways to stay well

Human Growth & Development

  • Demonstrates ways of communicating care, concern and consideration for oneself and others in a respectful manner
  • Identifies how one can maintain good health

Healthy Choices

  • Discusses and promotes healthy lifestyle choices