Enduring Understanding

Students will begin to understand that literacy is a gateway to knowledge of self, others and the world.


  • Demonstrates phonemic awareness
  • Demonstrates rhyming skills
  • Demonstrates knowledge of letter names and sounds
  • Matches sounds with appropriate letter symbols
  • Applies book handling skills
  • Uses pictures and story language to retell
  • Reads kindergarten sight words
  • Engages with books during independent reading 

Focus Areas

Building Reading Habits

  • Engages in reading or reading-like activities
  • Uses descriptive language to describe illustrations
  • Retells information from a book or a story

Thinking & Talking about Books

  • Uses the book’s cover and illustrations to predict what a book might be about
  • Participates in discussion to discover themes and main ideas conveyed in text
  • Makes connections with story characters
  • Discovers the difference between fiction & nonfiction text

Discovering Letters & Words

  • Recites rhymes, poems and chants
  • Rhymes words with real or “Nonsense words”
  • Identifies letters
  • Matches letters to sounds
  • Reads kindergarten sight words
  • Uses knowledge of letters and sounds to attempt to read words

Enduring Understanding

Students will recognize that writing is a vehicle for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction.


  • Engages in writing or writing-like activities
  • Applies directionality in writing
  • Uses letter sounds in writing
  • Composes and reads back own writing

Focus Areas

Building Writing Habits

  • Engages in writing or writing-like activities
  • Orally communicates personal experiences or events clearly and sequentially
  • Narrates stories with a beginning, middle and end

Writing for a Purpose

  • Understands that writing can be used to record events for personal reflection as well as to communicate ideas and information with others
  • Uses pictures, letters and words to convey meaning

Applying Letter, Word & Print Knowledge

  • Uses letters and familiar words to label pictures
  • Creates signs, cards and notes using knowledge of letters and sounds
  • Records personal experiences in Kindergarten journals using pictures, letters and words applying directionality, spacing and end punctuation marks

Enduring Understanding

Students will understand that the application of mathematical processes will enable them to analyze and solve problems systematically and efficiently.


  • Identifies basic shapes
  • Identifies numerals
  • Matches numerals to pictures
  • Counts
  • Orders numbers
  • Extends and explains patterns
  • Creates and explains patterns
  • Assorts and classifies objects
  • Engages in problem solving activities

Focus Areas

Algebraic Reasoning

  • Sorts and classifies objects using attributes
  • Describes, extends and creates simple patterns
  • Numerical & Proportional Reasoning
  • Estimates, counts and compares objects to 30
  • Identifies numerals to 30 and matches these to sets of objects
  • Estimates, counts and compares objects in a set of 10
  • Identifies and names pennies and dimes
  • Identifies the position of objects, i.e.: first, second, third
  • Uses models and objects to compare parts to whole

Geometry & Measurements

  • Constructs and identifies basic shapes
  • Describes the relative position of objects
  • Locates yesterday, today, and tomorrow on a calendar to sequence events
  • Uses non-standard units to compare, order and estimate measures of length, area, capacity, weight and temperature
  • Uses a balance scale to compare the weight of objects

Working with Data

  • Sorts and organizes information using picture graphs and charts
  • Compares data using terms: more, less, the same

Enduring Understanding

Students will appreciate that through the use of observation and questioning, they will achieve an understanding and appreciation of the world around them.


  • Demonstrates an understanding of concepts and vocabulary
  • Observes, predicts and draws reasonable conclusions
  • Participates in activities and class discussions                          

Focus Areas

Properties of Matter

Sorts objects made of materials such as wood, paper and metal into groups based on properties such as flexibility, attraction to magnets, and whether they float or sink in water


Describes the similarities and differences in the appearance and behaviors of plants, birds, fish, insects and mammals (including humans)

Energy in the Earth’s Systems

Relates seasonal weather patterns to appropriate choices of clothing and activities

Science & Technology in Society

Describes the types of materials used by people to build houses, and the properties that make materials useful

Enduring Understanding

Students will begin develop an understanding of others and the world around them.


  • Demonstrates an understanding of concepts and vocabulary
  • Participates in activities and class discussion

Focus Areas

My World

  • Knows address and telephone number
  • Explains the importance of rules
  • Explains how to arrive at locations within the school
  • Describes means of transportation experienced
  • Identifies different kinds of jobs held by community helpers
  • Identifies national heroes, heroines and holidays

Enduring Understanding

Students will begin to understand that the arts are a vehicle for self-expression and enjoyment.


  • Students will use different art forms as a vehicle for creative expression and representation

Focus Area

Visual Arts

  • Uses different media, techniques and processes to communicate ideas, feelings, experience and stories
  • Uses art media and tools in a safe, responsible manner


  • Sings and responds to music
  • Demonstrates a basic understanding of rhythm and pitch

Enduring Understanding

Students will begin to understand the benefits of fitness and healthy choices.


  • Students will participate in daily physical activity
  • Students will demonstrate control, balance, strength and coordination in gross motor skills
  • Students will develop an awareness of good health habits

Focus Areas

Physical Education

  • Applies movement correctly
  • Negotiates space with objects and others


  • Demonstrates an understanding of healthy food choices
  • Understands and practices hand washing and cough etiquette

Enduring Understanding

Students will begin to understand that they are learners and citizens with a responsibility for themselves and toward others.


  • Students will demonstrate a sense of themselves as learners
  • Students will demonstrate a sense of responsibility to themselves and others
  • Students will demonstrate effective functioning, individually and as members of a group

Focus Areas

  • Interacts positively with peers
  • Shows respect for people and property
  • Demonstrates self-confidence
  • Demonstrates self-control
  • Completes tasks on time
  • Follows directions
  • Works independently
  • Demonstrates effort
  • Participates in activities and class discussion