Dear Hartland School Families,

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve safety and security at Hartland School, I’d like to review the procedure for parent pickup of children at dismissal will remain the same.  The goal is to reduce congestion in the entryway, to reduce pedestrian traffic around cars and buses, and to improve how effectively staff can monitor the safety and accuracy of the dismissal process.

Student pickups, walkers and bike riders will be dismissed first. Students being picked up by parents will be dismissed to the gym, where they will be supervised as they get into parents’ vehicles from the gym door closest to Town Hall. Parents will line up their vehicles on the outer perimeter of the parking lot, entering from the north side of Town Hall, and exiting from the south side. If the line extends beyond the Salvation Army boxes, please back into parking spaces, pulling out in order once the line moves forward.  Parents will wait for their children to be dismissed to the cars in the order the cars are lined up. Please see the enclosed diagram. To prevent students from walking between and in front of vehicles, they will not be dismissed to parents who park and then walk to the gym door. Parents who need to pick up children early will need to do so before 3:00 so that we can keep the office and hallway clear at the end of the day. Also, phone calls and emails regarding parent pick-up need to be received in the office before 2:00.  Please know that academic instruction takes place right up until 3:15.

As soon as students who are being picked up have gotten to the gym, students taking buses will be called. This plan enables us to keep the bus, vehicular and pedestrian traffic separated. There are rarely more than fifteen families who pick up their children at dismissal time, so we do not anticipate a long wait. Staff will monitor to be sure students get into cars with the correct adults. I thank you in advance for your patience as we get this new routine running smoothly. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Laura H. Hollingsworth


Dismissal Map