The Hartland School believes in our students and their capacity to learn and grow at exceptional levels.  Learning never stops, and to promote our students' continuous learning, we have assembled activities for families to use each day that school is not in session.  Click on a grade level link under "Learning Menus" for independent learning activities specific to your child's grade level as well as using the many other links to a variety of educational resources.


Daily Schedule & Learning Menus

Please use this daily schedule and the activity menus to support at home learning.

 Pre-K                                             4th Grade

  Kindergarten                              5th Grade 

1st Grade                                    6th Grade

2nd Grade                                   7th Grade

3rd Grade                                    8th Grade

How to navigate your child's Google Classroom for all grades
Social Emotional Resources for Distance Learning 

                                                          More Activities & Links                                                                        



Independent Reading:  Children should read independently for at least 20-30 minutes  every day.
Shared Reading:  Please read to or with your child for at least 20-30 minutes everyday. Enjoy discussing characters, exciting story elements, and interesting vocabulary.
Audio Books:  Select books to listen to aloud at Just Books or Story Line.  As your child listens, they can jot down or discuss with you:
  • Ideas they have about characters and their actions
  • How the characters are feeling on the mood meter and evidence that supports their thinking
  • What the author wants us, as readers, to learn at the end of the story
  • Questions they have about the text


Take time to play together as a family each day!  Playing board games, cards, dominoes, or dice games supports math learning and is fun for the the whole family.
Play a Board Game:  Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Connect4, Checkers, Chess, Monopoly, Clue, Battleship, etc.
Play a Cards, Dominoes or Dice Game:  Go Fish, Old Maid, War, Uno, etc.
Visit an Online Math Site:

Social Studies

Social Studies concepts are often learned through asking (and answering questions).   Use the following links to develop inquiries as you explore history, geography, civics, and economics.


Inquiry and the observation of phenomena provide us with insights into our world.  Children can continue to explore science concepts with these web sites. 





Read books for pleasure every day.  Use the resources in the Reading section above or those below to discover new books.  
Try the activities below to engage in reading each day.
  • Visit this link to listen to Matt de la Peña read his book Love Draw a heart and fill it with the names of people, places, and things you love.
  • Read to a pet. Try to pick a book your pet will enjoy.
  • Browse a cookbook, choose a recipe and cook something with a family member.



Keep up on your computer skills by practicing your keyboarding skills 10-15 minutes a day. Engage in computer science activities like coding and drawing in a computer aided design program.
  • ABCya offers keyboarding, writing and computer skills
  • Typing Club is for grades 3-8 (student log on required)
  • Scratch is coding for grades 2-6 


      Art, Music, Physical Education & Spanish



Continue to engage in visual arts learning as you visit these museum web sites to view art and create art inspired by the works you see. 
We recommend the following creative projects.  
  • Sketch, draw and doodle.
  • Go outside and collect materials from nature.  Create a structure or design with them.
  • Use materials from your house and make artwork with them. (yarn, wire, gift wrap, scrap fabric, paper towel tubes)



Listen to music and write about what you feel and think. Create music too - compose a tune, sing songs, or select an activity from the list below. Don't forget to practice your instrument! If you need inspiration, try watching a video of someone playing your instrument online. 


Physical Education & Health

Play games and get exercise every day to maintain healthy habits. Here are a few other resources for you to use.



Please use the following resources to continue practicing Spanish while you are learning from home.