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Social Learning Afternoon Information for Grades K-8

January 26th, 2018


Good evening Hartland Families,


        Hartland School’s Climate and Safety Committee is excited to announce that we hosted our second social learning afternoon today, January 26, 2018.. Thank you to all the teachers, staff and community members who made these experiences possible.

    Students in grades K-6 attended an assembly presented by Bright Star Touring Theatre Company about Jackie Robinson, an assembly that showcased the life of the courageous Jackie Robinson performed by Bright Star Touring Theater.  This production aimed to inspire our students to follow their dreams and never give up. Their description of this event includes: This baseball star played an important role in integrating professional sports. His story is showcased in a production which is heartwarming, lively and interactive. Young audiences join Jackie as he learns valuable lessons from his mother, then cheer him on as he scores his first home run as a professional baseball player. Volunteers even join Jackie onstage to help him overcome bullying without fighting back. The Jackie Robinson story is the perfect complement to Black History celebrations and inspires young people to do what is right, follow their dreams and never give up. Afterwards, students returned to their classrooms to participate in developmentally appropriate follow-up activities with their teachers.

    Students in 7th and 8th grade were visited by Ms. Anne Marie Cox of Granby Youth Services Bureau. Students discussed various aspects of healthy relationships and friendships, including important traits they’d like to have in a friend or dating relationship, played “friendship BINGO,” role-played healthy social interactions, discussed the difference between meeting friends online versus socializing with “real” friends online and identified the risks of using social media to communicate. Additionally, students learned about different forms of toxicity in friendships, and discussed aspects and developmentally appropriate examples of abusive relationships. As a whole, students participated in meaningful conversations about the complexity of middle school relationships, and did a wonderful job representing the Hartland community.

We hope that this brief news flash will serve as a springboard for some good conversations at home!


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