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K-5 Susan B. Anthony Assembly

June 1st, 2018

The Susan B. Anthony Project provided a puppet show teaching kindergarten and first grade students about good and bad touches. Students identified many different feelings laughing with Mr. Matt and the puppet leading up to that 'uh-oh' feeling that might come from making a mistake or from something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Student brainstormed who are trusted adults (old enough to drive) who they could talk to if they ever feel that way. 

The presenters also lead a conflict resolution workshop in which grades 2-3 students went around the room and shared types of conflicts they have at school or at home. The importance of expressing feelings of being upset or frustrating was emphasized. Students filled out a “bingo“ card with strategies they could use to help calm down. They filled in for blocks for each section; in school, out of school, indoors, and outdoors.  Students worked together to come up with strategies and then to found other students who use the same strategies, signing that box as their bingo chip. This gave good insights into each others experiences and strategies. Grades 4-5 students used negotiating skills for achieving compromise about a group dream vacation and then identified the successful skills they had used to arrive at a win-win plan.

Thank you to our Climate and Safety Committee for planning and organizing these events for Hartland students.

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