Welcome to the Hartland School Health Office

Attendance: Please call the school daily before 9:30am to report an absence.  If your child will be coming to school late please call to let us know.  If the health office does not have contact with a parent/guardian absences and tardies will be marked unexcused. A three consecutive day absence does need a MD note.  After 10 absences in the school year, a doctor’s note will be required in order to excuse any further absences.  Please read Student and Family handbook for further information on attendance.

Medication Administration: All students who require medications, prescription or OTC, must have a medication form filled out by their physician and parent/guardian.  All medications must be in the original containers and properly labeled. Students are not allowed to carry medications to or from school unless authorized. 

Cough drops: The school nurse will no longer provide cough drops for students.  If you wish for your child to use cough drops, a cough drop form must be filled out by a parent or guardian for the time period they will be used, and cough drops must be sent in from home.  The form will only last for 10 days, and another one can be filled out after that point.  If you wish for your child to have cough drops throughout the entire school year, please have their pediatrician fill out a medication form.  A copy of both of these forms is available on the website. 

Physicals: It is state mandated that students entering Pre K, Kindergarten and 7th grade have a physical with proper immunizations.  A notice will go out to parents in advance so proper time can be made to make MD appt’s.  Physicals must be in before the first day of school. 

Flu Vaccines: All Pre-K students are required to have a yearly flu immunization.  A parent/guardian will need to fill out a religious exemption form if they do not want their child to be vaccinated.  Please contact me if you need one of these forms.

Immunization Requirements

If you have any questions please call Mrs. Hille, RN.

860-653-7207 or email me at rhille@hartlandschool.com.